About Daddy’s Dog House

We opened Daddy’s Dog House in 2003,

Dog House Sign

There is a beautiful River walk behind the property and you could grab a dog and some chips, Take the wife and the kids for a 20 minute walk where you could see lots of wild life and get some exercise at the same time.

Inside of Daddy’s Dog House you can look at our collection of almost 500 Dogs while you wait for your order which will be made fresh.

In the Fall of the year you can enjoy watching the geese come in by the 100s just over head. We are right on the fly zone and they come here every year. Bring your binoculars with you. They start coming in about 1 hour before sundown.

Dine inside or Outside on the large deck over looking the Milwaukee river. Please, Dogs that are not on a bun are not allowed on the main deck. We do have two other areas on the grounds for folks with their pets, so bring your dog along. Please use a leash for the safety of other folks and their dogs. We will provide your dog with water if you ask for it. Please clean up any dog mess that may occur. We will provide you with a bag to pick up and there is a yellow doggie doo bucket on the edge of the parking lot. Thank you for understanding.

The name Daddy’s Dog House originated in 1975 when I had a conversion van. I was a young man Married to my young wife for 11 years. I thought to myself, you know what? If she kicks me out of the house, I’ve got to have a place to stay, so I’ll Put Daddy’s Dog House On the Back Door of My Van, and I’ll Have me a place to hang out!!!

She never kicked me out and we have been together ever since! So now we used the name for our Family Hot Dog Shop…

I’m so glad it worked out this way! I am now 63 and Sherry is 60. You can do the math. We are complete opposites but with the help of the Lord we are able to overcome our differences. Our nick names are Dog (Roger) and of course Kitten (Sherry)

One of Sherry’s favorite things she will say to me is “GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN” and Mine of course is “NOT RIGHT NOW”. Since I retired on June 26th of 2009 from Briggs and Stratton as a Tool and die maker, she has been talking about her Honey do list. You know what I tell her? Yep, NOT RIGHT NOW!!!!

I ‘m Glad she Love’s Me, and GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN is a whole lot better than You Know What! Ya THINK?

So Now We are Both in the DOG HOUSE.. That’s where you’ll find us. Come on in and see us.


Thank You Lord!

Roger and Sherry

Roger & Sherry ( Owners )

Roger & Sherry ( Owners )

On another note. DOG spelled backward is GOD, Also D. O. G. can be Depend on God….. So this is also part of Covenant Corner Books and Gift Shop. You can check out that part of our site on the top right hand side of the Tabs….

God Bless you and Thanks for checking us out!

Our Goal Is To:
Provide our customers with quality food and a warm, friendly & inviting environment.

We Are A Dog Friendly Establishment.
Bring your best friend with you when you stop by.
Use one of our dog zones to enjoy your meal outside.

Some of our Dog zones (BRING YOUR PET WITH YOU)Dog zones (BRING YOUR PET WITH YOU)
Do a little people watching in this dog zone.

Do a little people watching in this dog zone.

Contact Us

Daddy’s Dog House
1179 North Main Street
West Bend, Wisconsin
Phone (262) 338-3073
Fax (262) 335-0585

Hours Of Operation

Spring & Summer Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 11:00-7:00
Friday & Saturday 11:00-8:00

Fall & Winter Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday 11:00-6:00
Friday & Saturday 11:00-7:00

(Evening Hours May Be Extended Due To Customer Volume)
Sorry We Are Closed Sunday & Monday